Legacy Land and Ranches – services specializing in land, farms, ranches, and development properties for sale throughout Texas.  We are more than a Texas real estate brokerage firm. Representing Sellers and Investors of land, farm and ranch real estate, which includes hunting ranches, recreational property, retreat properties, high fence properties, equestrian property, riverfront, heritage, investment, and Texas farmland.


Legacy Land and Ranches Real Estate Services are specialized and focused on agricultural, rural and riverfront properties.  We identify with working ranches, retreat, hunting, and recreational properties, irrigated farms, equestrian properties, and related agri-business.  Our client-agency relationship includes; seller-agent, buyer-agent contracts, and all Agent/ Broker activity.  We are not dealing with hundreds of clients per day, therefore we have time to listen and ask questions building confidence and build lasting relationships.  Our client relations are long term and our business is confidential.

Advantages of listing through Legacy Land and Ranches are many.  Our confidential sales database, which is market-derived, is state-wide, county by county.  This valuable database is available to clients through a broker price opinion specifically formulated for the purpose of decision making with regard to listing, selling or buying.  Eric Williams, the qualifying broker, and the owner has many years of experience in real estate brokerage and real estate service.


Broker price opinion (BPO) is in compliance with the Texas Association of Realtors and the Texas Real Estate Commission. Eric has the extensive experience and training enhanced by continuing education, brokerage experience, and agricultural land ownership to ensure the client that he is engaged as a knowledgeable, competent, industry leader able to secure and produce a credible price opinion.  Objectivity and credibility are the basis of our reports, as is the fact that Eric is experienced and respected in this specialized industry.  Looking for a real estate professional?

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Real Estate consulting service is a natural extension of Legacy Land and Ranches. At Legacy, our consulting service provides clients a view from our window and is designed to prevent unpleasant encounters when doing business with Texas real estate.  Understanding of regional agricultural practices and external forces affecting those practices is our goal.  We are up to date with changing public land use, policy and proposals.  This involves being up to date with the federal, state and local government’s rules and regulations.  We are proud of our knowledge of real estate trends, Texas water rights regulations, federal grazing permits, mineral rights, water rights, brand laws, zoning regulations, and trespass.  We also specialize in land-owner game permits, rules/regulations and the multiple land-use management of wildlife and habitat.  Our goal is to educate clients and enable buyers, sellers, and lenders to make prudent decisions.  Our insights will create balance and help you achieve objectives and maximize the asset’s potential.   Legacy Land and Ranches has a network of regional and state resources to include lenders, legal counsel, wildlife and agriculture specialist, appraisers, and farm, land, and ranch real estate brokerage experience to provide you with a qualified team of experts for your project or business plan.